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Mental health and AI

Mental health and Artificial Intelligence project with minimum 10,000 samples. It is based on building a model from Voice, Video, NLP,Genetics and Brain Mapping. The solution is going to be first of its kind in India and provide disruptive platform for providing continual mental health assessment.

Mental Health and its effect on Comorbidity

The study is designed to see effect of mental health on other comorbid conditions such as Oncology,Cardiovascular,Pain Management and Neurological science


Mental Health and Criminology

Manodayam with the help of its partners is working in Tihar prison since last one year and addressing the psychological needs and problems of the inmates. We have observed from our interventions in Tihar Prison that inmates require a continued and sustainable psychological first aid services to cope up with aggression, remorse and guilt anxiety, depression and other negative emotions and psychoactive substance use. Majority of these issues can be handled by basic counseling, psychotherapy, teaching stress management and relaxation techniques. Further it is also observed that few inmates need proper assessment of psychopathology and referral services for treatment of acute cases of anxiety depression and poor impulse control. This will help in reducing the incidence and prevalence of violence, interpersonal relationship issues among inmates and create an enabling environment for improving quality of life and reduction in the chances of repeating the offences. These interventions have also been found helpful in improving the inmates and correctional staff relationship. Hence, we have decided to develop an application for facilitators and field workers of Psychological First Aid to make the model sustainable and replicable. It’ will be an innovative new approach to mental health care in prisons where in modal of assessment of psychological problems and intervention will be developed.

Mental Health and Spirituality

Manodayam’s partners has initiated SATYAM a DST funded project which was initiated based upon our clear understanding that the modern medicine alone can’t be sufficient enough for the treatment and/or remission of illnesses. Therefore, the alternative options of treatment from the treasure of our ancient methods may turn out to be highly effective in both the ways, financially and clinically. This research will be a landmark study as it is a specifically designed and customized Yoga program which would cater to the specific needs of the illnesses. This method will be useful to prevent relapse of depressive disorders in patients. It may also lead to reduction in the doses of antidepressant medication, reducing the cost & duration of the treatment and side effects of the medication. Therefore, it can be effectively used as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy or as an alternative treatment for mild to moderate depressive disorder. Globally, the population is aging rapidly. According to WHO, the portion of the World’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12-22%. Moreover, more than 20% of the adults aged 60 and above, suffer from mental disorders, excluding headache disorder. In view of this we collaborated with Helpage India, a leading charity platform in India working for disadvantaged elderly for more than four decades, to provide expert psychiatric services initially at The Earth Saviours Foundation, Bhandhawari Village, Near Teri Golf Course, Gurugram, Haryana.

Cow assisted Psychotherapy

Manodayam has initiated a projects with Gaushala Trust named “Ma Kamdhenu VatsalyaSewa Dham”. This is the one of the biggest and active Gaushalas of Kumaon Distt. ChampawatUttrakhand, The Mental health and its effects of cows in basic mental health conditions.