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Mental Health is a Human Right, Not a Privilege.

Manodayam is fully 360-degree Integrated platform for emotional health. It provides you confidentiality and 24*7 availability for your mental health wellness and its management. It gives you flexibility to find out your mental wellness any time from anywhere. It gives you various well researched options to manage yourself. You don’t have to directly go to medicines to manage yourself.

These Solutions are driven by Artificial Intelligence(AI) based on Patient-centric data including Genetic Markers, Brain Scans and Complete Mental Health Mgmt.

This platform is scaled to provide Solutions to different Mental Health scenarios such as Depression, Panic, Stress, Sleeplessness , Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, PSTD, Alzheimer, Bipolar, ADHD, Dementia, Parkinson, Juvenile Delinquency, Autism & Sexual Disorders

We have a Comprehensive team of Experts like senior Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrists & Care-givers. Expertise in Mathematical Modelling, Business Management, Big Data Management & Statistical Analytics

Mano Swayam

Artificially Intelligent Self- Assessment system.

Mano Shakti

A Complete Health Ecosystem with Researched Therapies.

Mano Care

Telepsychiatry based ecosystem for better mental well-being.

Mano Daan

For Our Partners ,A Collaborative Research Based Ecosystem.